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At my kindergarten graduation, I stood in front of everyone and proudly declared that I would be a daycare provider like my mother. From that day, my interest in education and childhood development has only grown. I have worked with children in many different spaces such as, day cares, summer camps, after school programs, speech and language therapy, pediatric gyms, reading tutor, and as a nanny. For me, there is nothing else I'd rather be doing than working with children. 

Throughout my time, and as many of you know, I found that many children learn best by doing. I spent my years at college writing and researching about the different learning styles and the different styles of teaching. I compared it to my own learning experiences in school. I was a kinesthetic and visual learner. I need to be hands-on for it to make sense to me. I found similarities in the children that I worked with. While traditional learning was great for introducing a new theme, the children flourished once they became an active participant in their education. I knew I wanted to create an atmosphere where children felt apart of their education, not just passive participants.


Most of the first generation children I worked with are now in college. I remember when they were young asking what they wanted to be when the grow up. Careers like spy, dancer, football player, doctor, and actor were all happily said. Years later, I received answers such as I don't know, I'm not sure, or I just changed majors. Picking a career at eight is fun. Picking a career at eighteen is scary. We expect students to pick a career, when they've had little exposure to them growing up.

I created the Dreamers' Academy to introduce children to different careers but also has them excited about their future. I want to instill confidence into children to know that they have a bright future ahead of themselves. Our slogan; dream, believe, achieve is what I hope for every child. That they may dream big, believe in themselves, and have the tools and knowledge to achieve great success

Now where did the Dreamers Academy begin? While creating this atmosphere, I spent time decorating the classroom, or space, to represent our theme or topic. When learning about nature and plants, the students became nature explorers and the classroom became our camp site. Both I and the students enjoyed our lessons being taught this way. Even better, the children were learning. Picturri

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