Accepting Applications for 2021

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

– Dalai Lama


The Dreamers Academy is virtual at the moment and we can't wait to meet you! In the meantime join us online and receive a free week when we open after your first week! 

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When will you open?

The Dreamers' Academy is set to open in 2021 in central Maryland. Safety is a top concern for The Dreamers' Academy, and want to ensure a safe environment for your child.

Will you be First aid and CPR licensed?

Yes, all of our teachers will be First Aid and CPR licensed, as well as having medication administration training. Safety is our top priority.

Do your teachers and aids have background checks?

Yes! The teachers at our facility go through background checks as well as checking their references.

Will you accept vouchers?

Yes, we hope to accept vouchers, but co-pays will apply.

Do you mix age groups?

Yes! We believe children learn from each other. We have periods of mixed age groups; such as circle time. And we have designated times where children are with same age/ability groups; learning times.

How often do you clean toys and the room?

Toys are cleaned weekly as well as a as needed basis. This includes children coughing, sneezing, or putting a toy in the mouth. These toys are placed in the sink or a "germ bucket" to be cleaned and sanitized before it able to be played with again.

Will there be a sick child policy?

Yes! There will be a sick child policy that will be available on the website and for parents to sign at enrollment. We want to protect your child, you family, the other families in our program, as well as our own.

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