What Is Your Child Dreaming Of Becoming?

Each month join your dream guide as you explore new careers! 

In this fun monthly class your child will be introduced to new careers to help them dream about what their future may look like!

Learn about becoming a veterinarian by making a splint for a wounded animal. Or maybe become a chef by learning how to make delicious pastries! 

Each month get a fun box of career activities and goodies delivered straight to your door! Each week join your Dream Guide and other Dreamers for fun classes to learn more about the career and how one day you to could achieve your dream!

Options for both our Little Dreamers 2 to 6 

and our Big Dreamers 7 to 12

Invest in your child today with a fun dream box!


Start Dreaming September 2020!

Upcoming dream box

Vet academy! 

Do you dream about helping animals? Learn about the different animals and spaces that vets work in through fun activities and discussions!

Dreamers will receive books, materials, and goodies sent straight to their door!

Twice a week, with their dream guide and other dreamers, your child will learn about a career as a veterinarian! 

Registration opens August 4th!

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