Soaring into Development

Here at The Dreamers' Academy, we talk a lot about how important it is to help your child develop and how we focus on helping your child soar by creating curriculum and lesson that focus on the domains of development. But what are the domains of development?

Physical Development

- Children need to move! Physical movement promotes a healthy growth and development. This comes from promoting an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. Your child is growing both their fine motor and gross motor skills through jumping, running, coloring, even playing with play-doh.

Social- Emotional

- Social-emotional development is the process of building skills to connect with others. Your child is learning how to identify and manage their emotions, build relationship with both their peers and with adults, as well as feel empathy for others. They are also building confidence in themselves and their skills.

Language development

- From babbles to full sentences your child’s language grows more every day. Language means more than just speech, it’s also the ability to understand social standards such as understanding directions and comprehension of information given. This allows children to relate to their peers, parents, and adults.

Values and morals

- In early childhood, children learn about both moral and social rules, and personal choice. They learn right from wrong and begin to understand that others may have different preferences than their own. The ability to practice right or wrong choices leads to increased levels of self control in children.


- Creativity is your child’s ability to express themselves freely. Creativity can be shown in many activities; from the way play, helping you cook, and the way they create art. Through personal experiences and feelings, children learn how to express themselves. Open-ended art without guidance or an expected outcome is one way to encourage creativity. One should also encourage their child to express themselves freely without any judgment.

Adaptive/Self Help

- Adaptive and self help development is your child’s ability to adapt to their environment and the ability to be independent.Children should be given the opportunity to explore their environment and try things on their own. These opportunities should be developmentally appropriate and in a safe way. Encourage your child to try to dress themselves, clean up their toys, and use eating utensils on their own. It is important to encourage and congratulate them on their efforts no matter the results.

How are you helping your child's development?

We know it can be hard balancing life, work, and your child. Let us help by joining our Dreamers Academy and receive fun activities and crafts each week that supports your child's development!

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