The Hungry Caterpillar


Thank you so much for joining our first circle time! I know everyone is still getting used to this and will take the children a little bit of time to get comfortable with being on the camera and learning online. But as with everything else during this weird time we will adapt.

So thank you once again for attending our first class together!

On to the work!

We went over a very quick demo of the work in the class but I have uploaded more work and activities to continue the work at home! Today's work focuses on numbers. Practice counting and understanding of number sense with your little one to continue the learning time!

In the downloads there will be coloring pages as well as the google slides. The slides are created to be done either on a computer or on a tablet. As I am trying to make everything as easy as possible, and save your ink, the tracing slides can be completed through presentation mode of google slides and having them trace the lines with the laser pointer function. However a simpler way is opening the images in the tablets photos and using the markup setting on apple to have them trace the lines with their finger.

The coloring pages can be printed or open with the paint app on the computer.

Continue the discussion of caterpillars turning into butterflys with a little help from Elmo

Bring the story to life while tiring them out with the hungry caterpillar yoga

Bring the learning into the kitchen with a hungry caterpillar snack

Create a yummy fruit salad.

Or make a smoothie; sneak in some spinach for their daily veggies which I have done during lunch time Juice.

Thank you again for coming to our precious learning time and I cannot wait to see you all on Wednesday!

Click the above image to get to downloads!


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