Travel Tuesday! Make Way for the Ducks!

I had such a wonderful time in circle time on Monday! I can't wait to see all of my little dreamers on Wednesday for art!

This week we are learning all about ducks! On Monday, we went over different aspects of ducks such as their feathers which allow them to stay dry and their webbed feet that helps them push the water so that they can swim!

We also learned that ducks and their babies, called ducklings live at ponds. And while we may not be able to go to a pond physically, doesn't mean we can't go virtually!

Below are five fun videos of ducks and ducklings for you and your little dreamer to view and discuss!

Woah! Look at this herd of ducks!

See the way the ducks move their feet in the water? Push their legs back to help them move

This mama duck is taking her ducklings for their first swim! How cute!

A very long and relaxing video of ducks at a pond!

Want more duck facts? Check this video out!

Hope you enjoyed your virtual trip to the ducks! See you on Wednesday!


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